Lean Electronics


Our products are built on the base of our passions and hobbies. We specialize in wireless communication in the area of GSM/LTE, Bluetooth and other close range communication and also data acquisition nad navigation systems (GPS/GLONASS).
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Security of your belongings is the value you prise the most? From now, you don’t have to worry about your assets! Control them anywhere you want, with one simple step. Trackero is the solution for you.

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Electree is a platform which enables wildfires prevention plus sensoric data on the forest condition (temperature, humidity, trees growth) which can be used to increase the plantation efficiency.



Apart from our solutions, we offer cooperation in working on new concepts na custom needs. If you have an idea, we can make it happen for you, contact us and let’s do it together!

If you are interested in our products or cooperation with us, send us a message!

About us

Brief about Lean Electronics and what we specialize in
"Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships"

We specialize in what we are passionate about: embedded electronics! Understanding and cooperation in good atmosphere is the second characteristics of how we deal with clients and projects. This enables us to meet even the most demanding requirements and aim for the biggest achievements.

The members of Lean Electronics team are graduates of the best Polish universities, among AGH University in Cracow and Silesian University of Technology. Through our experience in embedded systems, we have the know-how to design every electronic device.

We deal primarily with complex projects, from design to production. If you have an idea and need a team of professionals to do it, contact us!

  • We specialize in the implementation of custom requirements as well as customization of available solutions.

  • When it comes to IoT we have our own products and customizable solutions, including communication (e.g. BLE, NB-IoT), sensor systems and web applications.

  • We design projects from hardware to software, including choosing the right components, software architecture, prototyping and testing.

  • We like to approach each client and project with flexibility and agility. It doesn't matter if you work in V-model, waterfall or SCRUM, we will find a common language.


Our team consists of good friends, who are professionals in their field and love to work with each other.

Bartosz Kawłatow

He graduated from the Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications at Silesian University of Technology. Electronic enthusiast. Interests: exploring the secrets of emotional intelligence, war and historical movies fan.

Radosław Krowiak

Certified Scrum Master and Product Owner (Scrum Alliance). Embedded system developer. Experience in automotive, security and home appliances. Founder of the Academia Programowania.