Wildfire prevention with electree

The problem: forests are burning

Each year, wildfires burn between 6 and 14 million hectares of forest. The area lost to fire is roughly equal to that caused by logging and conversion to agriculture combined. Nowadays the biggest effort is in putting out the fires, while working on prevention will become essential because global warming will increase the number of fires.

The solution: electree

Electree is a platform which enables wildfires prevention plus sensoric data on the forest condition (temperature, humidity, trees growth) which can be used to increase the plantation efficiency.

What are the effects of wildfire on the economy and environement?

Impact on economy:
While putting out fire is very costly, the immediate damage it does to the wildlife and vegetation is hard to estimate, ultimately the damages cause huge economic loss.

Impact on organic matter:

Forest soils are rich in decaying debris and nutrients, and are composed of many natural features that support a myriad of life forms and organic activities. Wildfires raise the temperatures to over 900°C which potentially wipes away almost all the organic value of the soil.

Impact on watershed:
Burned organic matter in the soil (volatized organic compounds) also affect the natural layering of the soils. This negatively affects infiltration and percolation, making the soil surfaces water repellent. Water therefore is unable to drain into water tables and the run-offs on the surfaces cause erosion.